Wow Your Wife on Mother’s Day!

  • SumoMe

It is spring, and that means the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it is time to remember the ones we love the most – especially that special woman who will love you unconditionally, your mother. You’ve sent a card and made the phone call but don’t think that your work for the day is done. It is time to show some love to the wonderful woman who has chosen to be a part of your life forever – your wife.

 Buy Her Flowers
We just had to put the most obvious thing first. It is a classic, time honored tradition for a reason – it works. If you want to      step it up notch, surprise her with a different bouquet in each room of the house. With flowers, more really is better.

Let Her Relax
Tell her that she is the Queen for the day and that you are going to make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger. If she usually gets the kids ready for the day, let her sleep in. If she usually cooks dinner, make her  favorite meal. Taking a load off your lady’s shoulders is the best way to show your love.  To really “Wow” her, send her to her favorite spa.

Write her a Love Note

Write a note from your heart.  Let your wife know that you honor her and that you deeply appreciate everything she does for your family.  Be specific about how her actions have warmed your heart.

Take Her On a Date
It has probably been a while since you and your lady love have had a few hours by yourself. In the evening, schedule a babysitter, and take your wife out on the town. Even something simple like dinner and a movie will show her how much you care.


Your wife works hard, and she has vowed to love you even on your worst of days. Whether she is the mother of your children, or  hopes to be a mother some day, be sure to remember your wife this Mother’s Day with a few simple gestures.


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