Wonderful Ways to Show Love to the World

  • SumoMe

The world in which we live is beautiful; both the places and the people. Vast landscapes and culture join together to create the spectacular world we live in and love. The world needs love, too. Here are ten ways we can show love:

  1.  Replenish the earth.  Humans have done our fair share of damage to the earth,    so it is only right that we show love by helping to restore some of what we have taken. Plant a tree or reuse collected rainwater to water your garden.

2.  Conserve water.  Turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth. Use the appropriate water levels when washing clothes. Wash your car and water your lawn only when needed. Water is an increasingly scarce resource that we need to protect.

3.  Recycle.  It only takes a moment to put a plastic water bottle in a recycle bin, but the positive impacts for our world are long lasting.

4.  Reduce your carbon footprint.  Ride a bike or walk instead of driving to nearby places. Buy energy efficient appliances. You may even consider buying an electric vehicle.

5.  Reuse.  To minimize waste, find alternate uses for things once their initial purpose is fulfilled. Use grocery bags for trash, and old shirts as dust rags.

6.  Respect our differences.  People across the world show the diversity and richness of our cultures. These differences are what make this world so great; embrace them.

7.  Learn about other cultures.  Don’t be afraid to leave the comfort zones of your own culture. Research and visit other countries, traditions and heritages.

8.  Get involved.  There are numerous causes around the world where we can give back and lend a helping hand. We can show love through political, environmental, or social volunteer activities.

9.  Take it all in.  We have heard the phrase “take time to smell the roses.” Even in the midst of chaos, we should take time to slow down and appreciate the majestic pieces of nature – small and large.

10.  Defend the animals.  We share the world with many species of animals, which we need to retain balance on our planet. To show respect for animals, we can ensure they are treated ethically, reduce water pollution, reduce hunting and not litter.

As citizens of the world, we should show our appreciation for it. More often than not, we take for granted what we have. It is up to each of us to make a conscious effort to respect and cherish our world.

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