Great Ways Dads Can Show Love To Their Sons

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When a man hears “it’s a boy” for the first time, the moment is full of both joy and anxiety. Fathers want their sons to grow up to be strong and self-sufficient, and the responsibility lies with them to model the traits they hope their sons will develop. But in a society that discourages displays of emotion amongst males, fathers sometimes find it difficult to show love to their sons.

Ten Ways Dads Can Show Love To Their Sons

The following is a list of ways men can show love to their sons and build a special bond that will last a lifetime.

1. Show sensitivity: Help your son learn that it is okay to have feelings by expressing them yourself.

2. Unplug: Tear your son away from the T.V, video game console, and cell phone for a couple of days. Spend time camping, fishing, and enjoying each others company.

3. Plug in: Since we can’t enjoy the great outdoors all of the time, let your son teach you how to play his favorite video game. The competition will be fun, but also provides a simple way to bond.

4. Get involved: Show your interest in your son’s life by becoming an assistant coach for his sports team or a volunteer chaperone for a scouting event.

5. Work together: Ask your son to help you work on a building project or have him help you change the oil in the family car. These activities allow you to spend time together while your son learns valuable skills.

6. Schedule check-in time: Everyday, either before bed or at dinner, make sure you ask your son how he is doing. Sometimes he will want to talk, sometimes he won’t, but the important thing is that you ask.

7. Temper your temper: There will be times when your son makes decisions that are, to an adult mind, ridiculous. Guide him through tough times without anger, but help him learn discipline.

8. Share history: Tell your son stories about the relationship you had with your father. Take him on a trip to your childhood home.

9. Fight fighting: Help your son work through conflicts by offering non-violent strategies for resolution.

10. Be proud: Acknowledge your son for acing a test with as much enthusiasm as you would if he scored a touchdown.

There is no cookie-cutter method of child rearing that works for every father and son, but the above ideas can help to lay the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship.


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