How To Show Love To Your Wife

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The phrase “happy wife, happy life” is a common one that seems to hold true. In order to keep our marriages strong and successful, both husband and wife need to love each other and be able to display that love.

  Here are a few ways husbands can show love to their wives:

1.   Listen to her.  Ask her how her day was, and listen to the answer. If she has a problem, don’t try to solve it – just hear her out.

2.  Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers out of the blue. If she doesn’t like flowers, try chocolates.

3.  Support her goals.  If she is pursuing something – a business, a degree, a promotion – be her biggest fan and encourage her frequently.

4.   Compliment her.  Remind her that you think she is beautiful, and be specific about what it is about her that you find attractive.

5.  Accentuate your commonalities.  Find those things that you both like to do and do them together often.

6.  Send her an “I love you” text message during the day so she knows you are thinking of her.

7. After a long day, draw a bubble bath for her and top it off with a back massage.  Asking nothing in return, help her to unwind and decompress.

8.  Tell her why you love her.  Look into her eyes and verbalize how much you appreciate and cherish her. Be specific.

9.  Take a day off together.  Plan with your wife to take a day off of work/school/other obligations and just be together, wherever that may take you.

10. Think for a moment – if you had only an hour left with your wife, what you would want to say and do to show love.  Do that. Every day, you should make an effort to love her that way.

Showing your wife that you love her is critical to a successful marriage. Love is kind, but you have to display it to your partner in order for them to feel it. Love endures, but like anything else worth having, it takes hard work to sustain it. Men, let’s get to work!


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