Great Ways for Dads to Show Daughters Love

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Fatherhood is a blessing, but many dads face challenges when their bouncing baby girls become young ladies, and their interests and personalities change. The following is a list of ways dads can show love and stay connected to their daughters.

Find a common bond: Even if your daughter doesn’t want to watch the ball game with you anymore, challenge yourself to find an activity you both enjoy and set aside an hour or two per week for your special bonding activity.

Listen to her problems: The tween and adolescent years are tough to muddle through. Each day brings new drama. If you want your daughter to feel comfortable talking to you, be a great listener. Do not belittle her problems, no matter how trifling they seem.

Contract a case of Bieber Fever: You don’t have to become his number one fan, but if your daughter loves Justin Bieber, or any pop icon for that matter, try to find something to like about their music. Whatever you do, don’t mock her tastes.

Ask questions: Take interest in what’s important to your daughter. Ask about her friends and her school. Even if she seems reluctant to answer, your asking shows that you care.

Participate in father-daughter events: You may get a few eye-rolls, but jump on any occasion when your daughter’s school or sports team asks you to get involved. Even if she acts embarrassed, she will appreciate that you want to spend time with her.

Let her be independent: You can guide your daughter to make wise decisions, but don’t make them for her. Let her try to work issues out on her own before your jump to her rescue. But when she needs you, always be there.

Ask for her help: Solicit your daughter’s advice on household decisions. This will show her that you value her input and respect her as a rational person.

Simple gifts: You don’t have to try to win your daughter’s affection by buying her hot new gadgets or designer clothes. Cook her favorite meal or pick up the latest book by her favorite author.

Be affectionate: Even if your daughter resists your hugs, make an attempt to be affectionate everyday. Tell her you love her. Sometimes girls need this confirmation.

If you make a constant effort to show love to your daughter, you will have a smoother journey through adolescence and build a life-long bond.



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