Show love during Administrative Professionals’ Week

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Whether you work for a large company, a government agency or a small business, administrative professionals are the backbone of the organization.  Their dedication, hard work  and tremendous effort allows the business to run smoothly.  Administrative Professionals week is April 22- April 29th and it’s a time to celebrate the fantastic administrative professionals.

Celebrate each day of Administrative Professionals week.  Each day does not have to be a huge celebration.  Even a small gesture like leaving a small “Thank you” note card on their desk will show your appreciation.

Send an email to the entire staff thanking the administrative professionals for their hard work and dedication and proclaiming that your business will celebrate Administrative Professionals week.  This is a great step to show that you are truly appreciative for what the  professionals have contributed throughout the year.
Surprise them with flowers. Whether it’s entire bouquet or a single tulip, flowers will symbolize thoughtfulness and appreciation for the professionals’ hard work.

Have a mini-awards ceremony . Give plaques or certificates for the great accomplishments of the administrative professionals. Highlight specific accomplishments made by each person.
Give gift cards or a small gift. You can’t go wrong with movie passes,  Starbucks or Panera gift card. There are also many nice keepsakes that make great gifts.  Another wonderful option is the The Healthy Assistant Gift Basket for Secretary’s Day & Administrative Professional’s Day

Enjoy lunch— Have lunch catered or take your administrative professionals to their favorite restaurant.
Give the gift of time— If the business allows, give the administrative professionals a few hours off to enjoy time on their own.
Bonus tip: Upon hire, ask each employee to complete a “Favorites” sheet.  The sheet would ask the employee to list favorite flower, favorite color and favorite restaurant etc.  Asking for this information lets the employee know that you care about them and will build morale.
Celebrate Administrative Professional’s Day and show your gratitude for all that your wonderful staff has accomplished!



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