Show Kids Love and Support as they Head Back to School

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The summer break has ended and the hectic morning routine and evening homework sessions begin again.  As your kids head back to school, it’s important to let them know how much you love and support them.   Here are a few ways to  show unconditional love and support to your kids as they embark upon the adventure of a new school year.

Throw a Pep Rally – at Home! 

A couple of years ago, my family started a new annual tradition- “The Back to School Pep Rally-at Home”.  Before the start of the school year, we gather the kids and  family members and get everyone excited about the beginning of school. We praise the kids for their special talents and unique skills and let them know we expect their best. Delicious food  and a “Back to School” celebration cake add to the festivities.

It’s a New Day

Let your kids know it’s a new day.  Even if your child had difficulties and challenges during the last school year -whether academic or behavioral – let them know they are starting out  this school year with a clean slate.  Emphasize that it’s never too late to turn things and around and let them know you believe they will be able to overcome the challenges of the past.  In addition, help them establish a plan to improve the areas that proved to be challenging during the last school year.

Create Family Reading Time 

Most teachers require school-aged kids to read for some amount of time in the evenings. Why not make it a family affair?  Schedule a time for the whole family to read together.  To make it even more enjoyable,  choose a book the whole family will love and take turns reading aloud. Even after kids are able to read on their own, it remains academically advantageous to be read to aloud.

Write them a Love Note

Drop a little encouragement note in your child’s backpack, pocket  or lunchbox or have it waiting at the table when they sit down for breakfast in the morning.  In the note, express how much you love them and believe in their ability to make excellent grades, exemplify great behavior and make wise decisions.

Always Remind Them How Amazing they Are

It is so easy to get caught up in the buying of school supplies and clothes and rushing through the morning and evening routines.  Be sure to stop… and  take the time to tell them how truly amazing they are.

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