Show Dad Love on Father’s Day

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Live with no excuses and love with no regrets.”
~ Montel


It’s almost that time of year when we ask ourselves “What should I buy my dad for Father’s Day?” Another tie?  Perhaps a beautiful piece of jewelry?  A good book?

The more important questions to ask are: “What does my dad really enjoy?”  “What are his favorite things?  As time passes, interests change. The hobbies your dad had a passion for ten years ago may not be what he enjoys today.  Have you checked in lately?

On this father’s day, get to know your dad again.  What are his favorite activities?  What is his favorite food? Favorite song?  What are his favorite memories from childhood?  What makes him laugh? What are his current goals?

Having this conversation will let your dad know that you are interested in knowing him- really knowing him as a person.   Your bond with him will grow.  Father’s day is the perfect day to renew your relationship with your dad.

On Father’s day and every day:

Let him know you appreciate him. You may never know all your dad has done for you.  Thank him for the sacrifices.  Share with him those moments when his advice meant the world to you.

Love him unconditionally.  Show him love despite his imperfectionsNo one is perfect.

Tell him you love him.  A simple “I love you” means so muchText him, call him, email-

Call and visit more frequently.  We all have extremely busy lives.  Take the time to stay in touch.

Clear unresolved issues. If there are issues that you need to have resolved, start the conversation.  Let him know how you feel.

At times we may feel disappointed about a lack of a relationship we have had with our fathers.

However, we also have to realize it is not easy being a parent, especially when you may not have the tools to assume this most important role.  Parents don’t always make the best choices.  On this Father’s day, Forgive!   This doesn’t mean you are excusing or minimizing hurtful actions, you are letting go of your negative feelings, the resentment and anger.  Forgiveness will allow you to have healthier relationships and experience more love in your life.

On this Father’s day, let’s open up our hearts.  Let’s focus on strengthening the bond with our fathers.  At the end of the day, no one will remember if he received the red tie or the new grilling accessory.  What will always be remembered is that feeling- that very special feeling when you know you are truly loved and loved unconditionally.






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