Show a Friend You Treasure Her Friendship

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True friendship is like a rose: we don’t realize its beauty until it fades.

-Evelyn Loeb

Where would we be without our friends?

A friend can make you face the day when you yearn to hide under the covers.  She knows what you are thinking even when you don’t say a word. She can also make you laugh just by the way she looks at you.

Yet as we get older and are pulled in more and more directions it is easy to put friendships on the back burner. You may forget to call her back a few too many times or have to postpone dinner because you are overwhelmed more than once.

Don’t let that happen.

Show her you treasure your friendship. Here are 10 ways you can do that and keep things strengthening.

1) Make a Date

Don’t assume you will find time to talk during the week. Instead, schedule a time and put it in your calendar. Treat it like any other appointment.

2) DVR It- Together

If you could be in the same room, you would be. But now you can DVR your favorite show and watch it together while on the phone.

3) Facebook Friends

Check your social media accounts in the morning before the day gets started. You can send her links to silly articles- remind her of a great time you shared together.  You can also Instant Chat about The Bachelor and Scandal.

4) Go to the Movies

Even if your buddy is miles away, you can catch a flick together. Simply attend a showing in your respective cities at the same time. Then chat afterwards.

5) Pajama Party

You are never too old for a slumber party. Schedule a night for a group of friends to sleep over. If your house is too busy, book a hotel room. It will be more fun anyway.

6) Make Music

Put together a mixed CD of her favorite songs. Include songs you both love and those that bring back good memories.

7) Text It

Send quick texts during the day. Good friends don’t need to say a lot to get the point across. She can help you deal with a crazy co-worker or suggest ways to get your toddler off the monkey bars.

8) Vacation Buddies

Plan an annual trip together at the same time each year. Then you know you will have time to catch up uninterrupted. It will give you something to look forward to during the rest of the year.

9) Snail Mail

Pick up cards that remind you of your friend wherever you find them. Make a point of mailing out a few each month to brighten her day.

10) Skype Saturdays

Saturdays can be your Skype days. Go over the week together on your laptop, smartphone or iPad. You can see her new haircut and show her the outfit you plan on wearing on that special night out.

Make your friendship a priority. You know you couldn’t live without her. So now you need to show her.

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