Long Distance Grandparenting with Love

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You miss seeing their smiling faces and wish you could hear their voices and laughter in person more often.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be in the same location of your granddaughters and grandsons.  Even during those times you are physically apart, you can let them know how much you love them.  Small gestures of love will dwell in their memories and hearts forever.  Here are a few tips to grow closer, despite the distance.

Embrace Skype or Google Hangout– With these technologies, you will be able to see and hear your precious grandchildren when the miles separate you.  Don’t be intimidated by  the technology.  There are plenty of tutorials that will address any issues you may encounter.

Let them know more about you-  Your grandchildren would love to know more about your life.  Learning about your life will give them more insight into your  experiences, values and beliefs. Share your story with  A Grandparent’s Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words .


Create a special poem or song– Create a poem or song that the two of you can share together.  The song could include a verse about why you will always love your grandchild and why they mean so much to  you.

Call them often– Be sure to call your grandkids as often as possible.  Ask them how their day went.   Share new activities or hobbies you are involved with.  Let them know they can always call you if they need to talk.

Create a LoveBook to share your special moments. LoveBook Online is a great way to capture the special moments with your beautiful, descriptive words. It is a customized book that allow you to list all the reasons you love someone.


Send a Congratulations! Video – If you are unable to attend an Awards ceremony, middle school graduation or the Big game, send a video expressing your pride in your grandchild’s accomplishments.

Give them a special gift–  A memento, or special keepsake is a wonderful gift to give your grandchild.  It is even more special if it is symbolic of one of your special moments together.

Write letters–  Even though email and texting have become extremely popular, the art of letter writing is still quite important.  A handwritten letter is tangible and and kids love to receive mail.  Encouraging them to write back can also help to improve their handwriting skills!

Keep up with their skills and interests– Find out your grandkids skills and interests and keep up as their interests change.  Always be supportive and encourage them to achieve their dreams.  Also, be ready to help them improve in areas in which they are weak.

Say “I Love You”– Whether it’s by text,  email,  letters , phone calls or visits, let them know you love them at every possible moment!

How do you show your love for your long distance grandchildren?







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