How to Show Your Woman You Love and Support Her

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For the love of a woman, men have given up crowns, waited for centuries or have been exiled from their homeland. Today there are still ways you can show your love and support.

It’s in the Little Things
Grandiose gestures are great, but taking care of boring or time-consuming chores might just elevate you to hero status.

The Big C
In relationships, the big “C” is conversation. Many will advise you to listen and pay attention, but you cannot do this unless you first start the conversation.

Prove You Listen and Pay Attention
With the insights you gain through your day-to-day conversations, you gain knowledge of what she likes or does not like. This will be your guide to determine what matters to her and what things you can do to love and support her.

Be Her Defender
Never allow her to be disrespected by others. Should your family and relatives agree to disagree, it should be done respectfully. Silence is consent.

Be Her Cheerleader
Be ready to lend a sympathetic ear when she is having a rough time. Again, learning to listen and pay attention will help you understand that she needs a prophet not a cheerleader.

Be Her Prophet
A prophet is someone who brings the truth. Whether it is painful or not, sometimes the truth must be told. Again, listen and pay attention because she may need a cheerleader instead of a prophet.

Laugh Together
As old as this advice is, laughter is the best medicine. That is probably the reason it has survived the test of time. Sometimes it is better to laugh than to cry.

Be Open to New Adventures
Try it. You may like it. Your mom was right. Deciding to try something new means more together time doing something that is mutually satisfying.

Surprise Her
If you are not the flower sending kind of guy, surprise her by sending some. Instead of a love letter, send her an e-card or poster that expresses how you feel. Do something you hate but she loves. Do it because love sometimes means sacrificing for the other.

Hold Hands
Did you know that when otters sleep, they hold hands so they will not drift apart while floating on the water? The simple act of holding hands signifies security and safety. That is why you held your mom or dad’s hand when you were little.

Love and support is not always found in credit cards or grand gestures, sometimes it is just the simple things that mean the most.

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