How to Support Her When She is Pregnant

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There is no greater gift than that of a child. Pregnancy, while one of life’s blessings, can be challenging, both physically and emotionally. Making an effort to show love to your wife during the pregnancy can help her cope with and even enjoy impending motherhood that much more. Here are some tips for how to show love to your wife when she is pregnant:

1.Provide reassurance. Remind her often of the reward that lies at the end of the journey. Let her know how much you are looking forward to holding your child.
2. Give her physical relief. Of course, pregnancy is hard on the body. Offer to rub her feet or give her a gentle back massage. Particularly during the second half of the pregnancy, this will be a welcome surprise for her.
3. Tell her that you love her. Even though she likely knows how deep your feelings are for her, hearing the words is an outward expression of your inner feelings, which she will appreciate. This is one of easiest suggestions of how to show love, but is one that can have the most power.
4. Attack the honey-do list. While she is pregnant, there are certain labor-intensive tasks she may not be able to handle. Take care of the tasks she’s been after you to finish, or take care of some of the pre-baby tasks she may not be up to, like painting the nursery or assembling the crib.
5. Be attentive. Many women feel their husbands don’t pay them enough attention during their pregnancies. Take time to let her know you care – bring flowers home to her or make her favorite dinner.
6. Pamper her. Offer to paint her toes when she can no longer reach them or offer to wash her hair if she is too uncomfortable to do it herself. You may even try treating her to a professional prenatal massage.
7. Be sensitive. Your wife may not be the most confident in her physical appearance during her pregnancy. Avoid joking jabs about her weight gain or baby bump. Let her know she is beautiful in your eyes.
8. Accompany her to the doctor. As much as possible, go with her to the obstetrician. This will let her know you support and care for her and share her excitement about the baby.

Make sure your wife knows how much you love her, particular during her pregnancy. Offer your support and always show love. Soon, your child will have arrived and you will have a new addition to the family to show your love to.

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