Show Your Grandparents Love!

  • SumoMe

It is important to remember from whence we have come and equally important for us to respect our ancestors. Our footprints are guided by the path laid by our grandparents.

  Here are some ways we can show love to our grandparents:

1. Celebrate them.  Don’t wait for birthdays or silver anniversaries to plan special celebrations. Plan a party for Grandparent’s Day or a “Just Because” celebration where your grandparents are the guests of honor.

2. Honor them.  All too often we don’t take time to appreciate family. Pull together your grandmother’s famous recipes into a family cookbook and include her in the dedication.

3. Take a stroll down memory lane. Compile a photo album to chronicle special times you’ve spent with your grandparents. Gather the family together and share your favorite family stories.

4.   Carry the torch. Most families have anecdotes that have been passed down through the generations. Continue that tradition by sharing with your children the lessons you learned from your grandparents.

5.  Be there. Pay your grandparents a visit as often as possible. We often get caught up in the demands of our own lives and neglect to visit family. Grandparents love surprise visits. We can show love just by being there.

6. Lend a helping hand. Your grandparent may need groceries picked up, or leaves raked. Offer to do some of these small chores. They will appreciate you for it, and you’ll be taking a weight off of their shoulders.

7.  Write a letter. Handwritten letters are increasingly rare, but receiving one would be a welcome surprise. Not only would it be a break in the monotony of bills and advertisements in the mailbox, but would be a reminder to your grandparents that they are loved.

8.  Just call to say “I love you.” Grandparents, like all of us, can get lonely. Call them up every once in a while to have a quick chat and tell them you love them. It will brighten their day.

9.  Continue their work. If your grandparents were active with missionary work or volunteering with a specific charity and are no longer able to do so, make it your family’s mission to maintain that legacy.

10.  Give them their flowers today. In essence, honor, respect and cherish your grandparents while they are here. Life is too short to take anything for granted…

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