How To Keep Your Marriage Strong

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It’s often easy to tell newlyweds from a couple who has been married for years. If you’ve been feeling the spark dwindling, you may be wondering how to keep your marriage strong. Follow these tips, and you can return to those early newlywed days.

1. Make time for intimacy.
Time alone in the bedroom is crucial for a healthy marriage. Taking the time to recall those days when you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other will keep your marriage stronger than ever.

2. Schedule date nights.
Once a week or once a month, have a nice night out with your spouse. Hire a babysitter or drop the kids off with relatives and enjoy a grown-up dinner and movie. If money is a concern, cuddle on the couch after the kids have gone to bed.

3. Find small ways to demonstrate your love.
Whether you leave a small note in a brown bag lunch, set up the coffee pot before bed or draw a heart in the steam on the bathroom mirror, tiny gestures can mean so much.

4. Practice good communication.
Accusations, yelling and sarcasm take a bitter toll on a marriage. If you are upset about something, discuss it. Don’t lay blame and don’t use harsh language.

5. Take a little time apart.
Although it may seem contradictory, a little time to yourself will strengthen your bond. Have an evening out with your own friends or even treat yourself to a weekend alone at a bed and breakfast.

6. Acknowledge and appreciate your spouse’s contributions.
Each spouse has a role to play in the marriage, and it’s common for both of you to feel underappreciated at times. Show gratitude when the trash is taken out on time or the dishwasher is unloaded or a hard day at work has been completed.

7. Be respectful.
Think about your words before they leave your mouth and never belittle your spouse in front of the kids, friends or relatives.

8. Stay friends.
You love each other, but do you still like each other? Reconnect over common interests and remember to have fun.

9. Keep discussions in the present.
Whatever the current issue is, make your discussion about that. Don’t resort to dredging up past mistakes and arguments. When that happens, nobody wins.

10. Ask for what you need.
Don’t expect your spouse to automatically know how you are feeling. If you are feeling alone or sad or just need help, be willing to ask.



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