Great Ways to Propose

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Is there a better way to show love to your girlfriend than by picking a unique and romantic method of proposing? Giving your future wife something to reminisce about for the rest of her life is one of the best gifts you will ever give her. Make this moment something magical and memorable.

When planning your proposal, keep your girlfriend’s interests in mind. A proposal on the scoreboard at the stadium of your favorite baseball team is impressive, but only if your girlfriend is as big a fan as you are! What activities does your girlfriend love? Are you able to get her friends in on the proposal? If she’s a more private person, she might not want you to enlist help, but if she’s outgoing, she might appreciate a huge surprise proposal, although you should only propose in public if you are sure she’ll say yes!

With these thoughts in mind, consider the following proposal ideas:

1. Treasure Map

Give your girlfriend a day built around all the things she likes best. Send her out with gift certificates for a massage, a bookstore, a manicure, a hairdo from her favorite stylist and more. Plan for the last certificate to be for a florist. Meet her there with a dozen roses and the ring. Try to get her best friend in on it. These activities are fun with a friend, and her friend can call you with status updates so you know when to expect her at the florist.

2. Relive the First Date

What was your first date? Did you go to a specific restaurant? Did you go see a movie? Did you go for a walk? Try to recreate as much of that date as you can. She will be impressed at how much you remember, and you can show love for her by letting her know how important this day was in your mind. At the end of the date, let her know that your first date was the beginning of the best part of your life by proposing.

3. Circle of Love

Are you looking for a super-romantic way to propose? Make sure to get home before your girlfriend. Set up a trail of roses or petals leading into the dining room or bedroom. Place the ring and a small card with the proposal inside a circle of petals. Hide in the room right before she gets home so you can step out when she gets the card.



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