Exciting Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Finding exciting ways to celebrate your important should be high on your priority scale whether you’re celebrating your first or your fifteenth anniversary. It’s not uncommon for couples to opt of out exchanging gifts or making a huge  deal out of anniversaries after a few years together, but the truth is that celebrating these milestones is important for the relationship and can help keep a couple feeling close and bonded.

Celebrating your anniversary doesn’t require you spend a ton of money, because it really is the thought that counts in the end. So, to help you celebrate your anniversary with some fun and excitement but without breaking the bank, here are 3 simple ideas that should do the trick.

Take Him/Her Back in Time

Whether your first date or first kiss was enjoyed at a restaurant or walking down the street, going back to that place and recreating the date is always a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary. Visiting a place that had special meaning to you as a couple encourages reminiscing which in turn stirs up some of that good ol’ lovin’ feeling from when things were new and especially exciting. Go back to that place, spend some time enjoying each other’s company and bask in all of the things that you’ve shared since then.

Go Away for the Night

You don’t need to spend oodles of money on an expensive resort to whisk your loved one away for your anniversary! Use one of the many online accommodation discount services to get a great hotel room for a fraction of the cost or even just book a campsite and pitch a tent under the stars in your own backyard to celebrate your anniversary! The key is to get away and enjoy a change of scenery away from all of the stresses and responsibilities of your day-to-day lives.  Getting away even for just one night is fun, exciting, and a great way to connect with each other.

Share an Adventure

One of the most exciting ways to celebrate your anniversary is to share an adventure together. You don’t need to zip line over a rainforest or bungee jump either! Try something entirely new together that neither of you has tried before. Think: rollerblading, a Thai cooking class at the community center, or a restaurant in a new neighborhood or town you’ve never been to. It’s been proven that experiencing something new together is a great way to keep the excitement in a relationship, so why not make that effort on your special day?

Take the time to celebrate your relationship on your anniversaries and you’ll be helping to ensure that you celebrate many more over the years.


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