Create a Date Night You Won’t Forget- Great Date Night Ideas

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You don’t need to spend loads of cash to have a great time. The old adage ‘the best things in life are free’ really is true! These ten date ideas are unique, fun and even romantic–all for next to nothing!

10 Great Date Night Ideas

1. Impromptu road trip. All you do is tell her to be ready at a certain time, get into the car and drive somewhere scenic, enjoying the open road and some good tunes and talk together.

2. Explore a new neighborhood. There’s no better way to spend time with someone you care about then to hold hands and wander around a new neighborhood discovering new things together. It’s also a great way to get ideas for future dates!

3. Play Twister or any other classic or ‘retro’ game. Grab Twister, Scrabble and enjoy!

4. Picnics are not as cheesy as they may seem. You can pretty much drop a blanket anywhere for a picnic, so instead of the usual picnic in the park why not try something like a picnic on your building’s rooftop or at the beach.

5. Karaoke! Woo the one you love with a unique rendition of her favorite love song for some “awwws” and a good laugh!

6. Hop on a train to somewhere and back — even if you don’t get off the train! Trains are romantic and old school! Sit back and enjoy the ride together and of course, window seats are a must!

7. Play like kids! We get way too uptight as we get older and forget how to just let loose and have fun. Hit a park complete with swings and slides or a carnival with rides–it’ll get the heart pumping and who knows what all that adrenaline will inspire!

8. Check out plays, concerts or movies in the park. Most cities offer some sort of entertainment in larger parks during the summer months. You’d be surprised at all the cool free stuff there is to check out in your own neighborhood.

9. Plane spotting. Grab a blanket and some snacks or drinks (optional) and drive as close to the local airport as you can and lay the blanket on the hood of the car or on the grass and cuddle as you watch the planes fly overhead.

10. Test drive cars you can’t afford yet. Seriously, dress like a million bucks, walk into dealerships that sell high end cars that would make James Bond jealous and take ‘em for a test drive together! Think of the fun you’ll have while cruising about in a Jag or Ferrari– even if only around the block!

There you have them—ten wonderful ideas that will create truly memorable dates that won’t even cost you much, if anything. What is your favorite date night idea?

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