Celebrate and Show Love to Your Child Each Day!

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Each day is a new day to show your kids how special  they are and how much you love them.  As parents, it is easy to get caught up trying to make ends meet, preparing dinner and making sure homework gets done.  Despite the  stresses of everyday life, it is important to praise our kids, make them smile and show them love at each moment we are able.  When we show them love, it gives them the strength and confidence to face the challenges of this world. They will know that there is always someone who accepts them just as they are.  Here are a few tips to show your kids love each day.
1. What makes your child feel loved? Find out your child’s ‘love language’ with The 5 Love Languages of Children.Yes, even kids have a way that makes them feel loved.  Determine whether words, touch or a gift, quality time, acts of service or a combination make your child feel most  loved.
2. Say “I Love You”. In the morning, before the hustle and bustle begins, tell your child you love him or her.  Then, you can proceed with the requests to brush teeth and get dressed!
3. When your child enters the room, acknowledge him. Put away your phone, computer or Ipad and let your child know that she is important.

4. Compile a book of wonderful memories to share with your child.  Create Photobooks by Mixbook or lovebook. Include all the incredible photos and stories that showcase your child’s personality and talents.

5. What is your child’s favorite activity or sport?  Surprise her and share the activity with her.  If she likes playing dress up, have a costume ready on a Saturday morning when she wakes up. If your son loves playing with Lego, purchase a set and build it with him.
6. Read a book with your child. Let your child choose a favorite book.  Bring that book to life while playing the roles of the characters in the book!
7. Cook your child’s favorite meal- and get them to help!  While you are preparing the meal talk about their day and what’s going on in their lives.
Show your kids love and affection at every possible moment.

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