Show Love to Your Husband

  • SumoMe

  It can be a challenge to avoid relationship ruts, given all of the demands and   distractions in today’s hectic society. However, marriages, especially loving, committed ones, take work! As women, we are, by nature, multi-taskers, but it is important that we make loving our spouses a top priority. But, how should we show love to our husbands? Here is a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Remember that gestures of love don’t always have to be elaborate. A simple text message or email during the day saying “I love you” will let him know you are thinking of him.

2. Send him a picture of yourself during the day; seeing you will put a smile on  his face.

3. Greet him with a kiss when he comes home. No matter what is going on – dinner, helping kids with homework – stop everything and show him you love him.

4. Pack his bags (and yours) and whisk him away to a surprise getaway. Make sure to avoid any plans he may have, and steer clear of any playoff weekends, if he’s a sports enthusiast. He will appreciate your spontaneity.

5. Look into his eyes and tell him how much you appreciate him. We often forget to clearly verbalize what we love about our husbands. They need to hear it just as much as we do.

6. Get a babysitter to watch the kids, and surprise him with a spur of the moment date night. Take him to see a movie he’s been talking about and/or treat him to dinner at his favorite restaurant.

7. Ask him how his day was, and actually listen to his answer.

8. Take an intermission. Coordinate with him to take a day off from work and enjoy a day without the kids doing anything you want together – or nothing at all!

9. Surprise him by making his favorite meal; not for an anniversary or birthday, but just because.

10. Stock up on body oils, candles and soothing music and treat him to a relaxing full body massage at the end of a hectic work day. Now, ladies, some of you may be thinking, “Who has the energy to do that,” or “He should be doing those things for me!” Well, think of it this way – you have to show love to receive it. Just think of it as leading by example! Enjoy!