Great Ways to Show Love to Your Children

  • SumoMe

Our children are gifts that have been graciously granted to us. Not only do they deserve love, but, as parents, we should raise them lovingly so that they will emulate that as adults. Below are some ideas for how we can show love to our children.

1.      Remind them that you love them. Sneak a “love note” into your child’s lunchbox.

2.      Schedule time with them individually. This time should be uninterrupted, and could happen anywhere. The important thing is to give them your undivided attention during that special time.

3.      Tuck them in at night. As they drift off to sleep, yours should be the last face they see. Wrap them up tight, give them a kiss, and tell them you love them. It will help them sleep just a little bit better.

4.      Listen. Avoid the urge to prejudge, tune them out or interrupt. Often times, they teach us things if we just take the time to listen.

5.      Show love to them unconditionally. It is inevitable that children will make mistakes, be disobedient, and make messes. Our job is to love them anyway.

6.      Reward your children for their good behavior and accomplishments. Like adults, they thrive on positive reinforcement, and it does motivate them to repeat those desired actions.

7.      Give them hugs. The sense of touch is one that is critical to showing love. Saying you love someone is one thing, but showing love is another. Embracing your children is a physical expression of your internal emotions.

8.      Be your child’s biggest fan. Cheer them on at every opportunity, and build them up. We should instill confidence in our children, and boost their self esteem with encouraging words and support.

9.      Be there. Make every effort to attend school events and extracurricular activities that your children are involved in. Every child wants to know that their parents care enough to be there for them. Seeing you there will make their hearts smile.

10.   Cuddle with your kids. On the weekends, or when things are not so rushed, let the kids crawl into your bed and snuggle under the covers. Talk to them, laugh with them, and just love them.

As parents, we are providers for our children, but the most important thing we supply them with is love. Of course we feel it internally, but we need to make sure that we also show that love.