Exciting, Romantic Ways to Show Him Love on Valentine’s Day

  • SumoMe

While you may show your boyfriend or husband that you love him all year-long, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to show love in a special way. Whether your plan is simply romantic or downright extravagant, you and your sweetheart will have a night to remember.

1) Make reservations at the restaurant he took you to on your first date. Call ahead, and ask for the same table or a booth in a quiet spot of the restaurant.

2) If your boyfriend or husband has a stressful job, he might want to spend some special time at home with you. Find a romantic movie you both enjoy watching, order pizza, light the fireplace, and open up some beers.

3) Get an instructional massage-therapy DVD. Turn your bedroom into a candle-lit grotto and use orange and jasmine-scented massage oils. If you both enjoy drinking, have a bottle of champagne chilling in a bowl of ice by the side of your bed.

4) Rent a hot tub. There are services that will deliver and set up a hot tub on your deck or patio. Show love in luxury of the bubbling, hot waters as you both relax under the stars. Hot tubs are a sensuous experience, especially in the colder months of the year.

5) Go bungee-jumping or hang-gliding together. Sharing the secret thrills he’s been dreaming of will bring you closer together than ever.

6) Buy the aged, single malt Scotch he gazes at when you’re at the store. Find Scotch snifter-glasses that are specially designed to allow you to enjoy the complex aromas of fine single malts and serve the Scotch at room temperature. If you have a fireplace, sipping a single malt, while enjoying the dancing flames, is a very romantic way to show love. If you don’t, sip by candlelight.

7) Go off your diet. Pick a meal you both really enjoy eating — one that you haven’t allowed yourself to eat since you started watching your weight. He’ll love seeing you enjoy yourself, and he won’t have to feel guilty about enjoying it while you abstain. Make it a special Valentine’s Day dinner for the both of you and show love by including your favorite, rich dessert.

8) Get tickets for his favorite basketball team’s next game. Write a romantic poem and wrap them up in a gift box with red ribbons. Hide it in your home and set up a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt with Hershey’s kisses pointing out where clues are waiting.

9) Dress warmly and drive out to the beach or nearby park. Listen to music on the radio in your car and snuggle. Take a short walk outside to enjoy the stars while keeping warm in each other’s arms.

10) Tell him not to make plans for Valentine’s Day and greet him at the door in something very sexy. Have the dining room set up with a candlelit meal of oysters, asparagus, cold-cracked crab, champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Keep soft music playing in the background, and ways to show love will just come naturally.