How to Show Love in Long Distance Relationships

  • SumoMe

Showing love through telephone wires or computer screens is one of the big challenges for long distance couples. Try out these ten great ways to show love and watch your romance strengthen every day.

1. Write snail mail letters.

As convenient as email is, it’s still nice to receive a handwritten letter. You can hold it in your hands, run your fingers over the letters and imagine your sweetie pouring heart and soul into the letter.

2. Schedule regular “dates.”

Plan a night every week to go on a virtual “date.” Rent the same movie and watch it in tandem, play a game online together or just sit and have dinner and a conversation over Skype. Either way, the process of making the date and keeping the date will show love for your partner.

3. Send e-cards.

Yes, e-cards can be cheesy, but there are enough free ones out there that you can send cards on a regular basis without breaking the bank. Try designing your own e-cards to add a special touch.

4. Text or message small notes throughout the day.

Just a quick note to say “I love you” will help keep your love alive throughout the day and let your partner know that they are on your mind.

5. Send flowers on special occasions.

If a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion is coming up, arrange for flowers to be delivered by a local florist.

6. Schedule vacations together.

If you are separated because of school or a work situation, try to arrange to take vacations together. Schedule your vacation days at the same time, and meet somewhere in the middle at a bed and breakfast or other fun location.

7. Send care packages.

These don’t have to be expensive. Include treats like a gift card for a massage or even a favorite coffee shop.

8. Ask questions about each other’s day.

Show interest in your partner’s day-to-day life. Ask questions and really listen, especially if it’s been a rough day.

9. Send pictures.

No, not that kind! Send photos via email, especially if you’ve done something like get a new outfit or a new haircut. This will help keep your sweetheart involved in your life.

10. Make gifts.

Nothing shows love quite like something you’ve worked on yourself. Whether it’s a knitted scarf, a batch of cookies or a simple handmade card, put all your love into it.