How to Show a Man You Love and Support Him

  • SumoMe

Feeling loved and supported is one of the best indicators that a relationship is going to last. While men also want love and support, they may be less likely to ask for it directly. Letting your man know how much you love and support him doesn’t have to be difficult. Try using these 10 easy ideas to let him know how much you care.

1. Tell him you love and support him. It really can be just that simple.

2. Listen without giving advice. If your man has had a hard day at the office, he might just be looking to vent. When you try to solve his problems for him, it could leave him feeling emasculated.

3. Don’t try to win every argument. Compromise is the key to a healthy, happy relationship.

4. Don’t be so critical. If your man loves you enough to help out with the dishes, you don’t get to belittle that by complaining about how he loaded the dishwasher. Just thank him.

5. Be supportive of his decisions. We all need to make mistakes. Give your man room to make his own. If things don’t turn out right, don’t rub it in his face or give him the old “I told you so.”

6. Be trusting. It’s hard to feel loved and supported when the one you love is digging through your history on your computer or scouring your smartphone for texts. Unless you’ve been given a solid reason to be concerned, give him the benefit of the doubt. If you are worried, talk to him about it and give him a chance to explain himself without going behind his back.

7. Do nice things for him. If you are living together, do one of the chores that is typically “his.” Give him little gifts like a certificate to his favorite restaurant or a store that he frequents.

8. Be loving. Men like to be touched, too. Come up behind him and give him a big hug or snuggle up next to him on the couch and give him a passionate kiss.

9. Praise him in public. Are you at a party with friends? Let him overhear you saying nice things about him. By the same token, never let him overhear you criticizing him.

10. Forgive him. We all screw up — even you. When he forgets something or makes a big mistake, let it go. Never bring up past transgressions during a current disagreement.

What are your favorite ways to show your man you love and support him?