Show Kids Love and Support as they Head Back to School

Show Love to Kids

The summer break has ended and the hectic morning routine and evening homework sessions begin again.  As your kids head back to school, it’s important to let them know how much you love and support them.   Here are a few ways to  show unconditional love and support to your kids as they embark upon [...]


Dear Mom,

mother and daughter love

Not just on Mother’s Day, but on each one of the 364 other days of the year as well, please know that I … Thank you for your strength – your unending strength.  Your strength has allowed me to be strong in situations I was afraid to face alone.  But now I realize I was [...]


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I Love You!

John, You have been my rock! Tasha Pin It<



My True Love

Dre - You are my best friend, my closest companion, my true love. As the years pass, we grow closer together, creating new memories, sharing deeper secrets, and loving each other better than the days



Love Lasts Forever

Sam, I will love you forever! Pin I



You have my heart

Tasha, I want you to know that I love you so much.  Please stay by my side forever. Love, Bill More...

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